Sunday, 21 October 2012

25 things

What Sugar has learned in life so far:
  1.  You actually know the right things to do, but taking your own advice is the toughest decision you ever have to make. This is because you are afraid of getting hurt. Plain and simple.
  2. You should feel pain. Everyone should feel pain. Life is not all butterflies and rainbows. Pain helps you grow. Pain leaves you scars to toughen you up. Pain reminds you how far you have gone in life and the fact you have survived those hardships.
  3. The people who really matter and who really, genuinely love you for who you are will always come back, no matter how much you have hurt them in the past.
  4. Life is really different from other people’s points of view. Do not ever think you know how they feel, unless you have gone through similar experiences because life is indeed tough.
  5. You can empathize but that’s about it. Some people are so stubborn to let you in that they have this tendency to push you away because that is how they have been all their lives. You can’t really blame them.
  6. But what I think is, these people are actually scared, because they think once people know how they are, people will leave them.
  7. And in honest truth, they will receive that kind of fate if they continue with their stubborn ways. When they complain how people give up easily, don’t listen. Because every single thing is a choice and they choose to be that way, ultimately forcing you to bid goodbye.
  8. Love is supposed to be simple. It is people who make it complicated. You find someone who fits you, and you’re good.
  9. You can’t make people love you.
  10. Stop looking for the perfect person. A man and a woman are supposed to complete each other. Perfect people do not exist.
  11. Relationships are not easy. It takes hard work. If you’re weak, don’t be in one.
  12. Know when to hold on and to let go. Discover your worth.
  13. Patience is so rewarding in the long run. Don’t have it? Start developing it now.
  14. Always be grateful. Even for the littlest things.
  15. Some people are just weird. It is really them and not you, so don’t take offence.
  16. Never change for the worst just to fulfill other people’s needs. You will feel stupid and your efforts to actually become better have gone to waste. You are back to square one.
  17. You make your world go round.
  18. If you think you deserve better, you deserve better.
  19. If you ask someone your current situation with them and all they give you is a blank stare, or a “uh, I’m not sure.. uh I dunno..”, hit the accelerator and don’t look back. How can they want to be with you and not be sure at the same time?
  20. Always put yourself in another person’s shoes. Don’t be selfish. If you do this constantly, you will feel and create a tremendous difference.
  21. You are supposed to selflessly give, but please know your limit of giving and realize how much you’re not receiving.
  22. When you have the blues, watch Friends. Or exercise your butt off. Hey, instead of wallowing on your bed, you can earn a nice rear.
  23. Never stop smiling even when you feel like bawling. You never know how your effort to smile helps brighten another person’s sad day.
  24. The importance of Time. We don’t have enough of it, yet we waste it like it’s nothing.
  25. Despite what life has thrown at you, always, always love. Never love less, just always love more.


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