Monday, 26 March 2012


       Hello dear readers. Today’s post is about loving our mother Earth. Well, as everyone knows, love is not just a noun, it is also a verb. Therefore, love is not merely a word listed in the dictionary or a state of feeling but it, too, involves actions performed by those who understand what love is, who know how to love and who have the ability to love-that is HUMANS.

       It has been my concern of late that I begin to see the consequences of our doings to Earth. Let’s take ‘MINING’ for example. Yes, Earth is so rich in minerals, metals, rocks, salts and etc. (I’m not a geologist so it is beyond my expertise to give a list of everything that is in our soil or underneath it and forgive me for that.) So, if we keep on digging and taking away what is stored deep in Earth, one day, I believe, the Earth will be hollow for there is nothing left to support the heavy surface. And one day, it will definitely crush and be crushed. At that particular moment, it will all be too late for regrets and to undo what is done.

A sinkhole in Guatemala

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       As humans seek material possessions such as diamond rings, cars, and buildings; the Earth becomes poorer and poorer. We dig Earth for diamonds. We dig Earth for petroleum. We dig Earth for metal steel. But who cares about the disappearance of Earth’s possessions when one only cares about one’s possessions? I really hope that everyone is aware of the decline in Earth’s health. Earth has become very fragile. Like our bones in need of calcium to fight osteoporosis, our Earth needs its petroleum, metals, and minerals to stay strong and steady. Lucky for us, humans, calcium loss can be restored by increasing calcium intake in our diet. But poor Earth, its ‘CALCIUM’ is irreplaceable. The Earth’s ‘CALCIUM’ will always be deprived.

       Indeed, there is nothing much we can do to completely save Earth, or to restore Earth’s health but we can try to slow down the process of terminating Earth’s life. Remember, Earth’s life, in a way, is ours.When the Earth dies, we do too.

       As for Muslims, we all believe in the existence of the End of the World-QIAMAT. Let us consider the situation as a reminder of making sure that we are always on the right path. If we sense that we might have gone astray, repent as soon as we may. Lead ourselves back to the Creator.


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