Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Silent Rebels

A rebel is such a nuisance,”  many would have thought. But, I, on the contrary, would like to offer a different view about it. If a rebel portrays his or her thoughts and emotions through vandalism, I would not hesitate to despise such actions too. Nevertheless, there are also silent rebels, who oppose certain structures or rules through artistic means like the ones that I’m going to expose in the following paragraphs.

Ludwig van Beethoven
                                     Image Source: Wikipedia. Portrait by Joseph Karl Stieler 

Ludwig van Beethoven, a genius of Classical Music, was a silent rebel, in my opinion. He composed pieces that challenged the capacity of both musical instruments and the musicians of that time. He sought perfection in music. He wrote extremely long pieces, expanded the range and the role of keyboard, and demanded greatly on the musicians’ talent and effort to play his pieces as he intended. He was a rebel of his time.

Frederic Chopin
Image Source: Wikipedia. Portrait by Maria Wodzinska

The same goes for Frederic Chopin, a Romantic pianist and composer. Pianists, back then, were admired if they could pound the piano as loud as they could. Chopin was against such playing. His touch was very sensitive and full of colour. Inspired by operas, his compositions were often melodious, as if he was singing at the piano. Playing phrases incorrectly was likened to speaking a language that could not be understood by its listener. His rebellions could be sensed in his compositions and his piano playing.

George Sand
Image Source: www.amybrown.net

Now, let’s move on to a different sort of art, literature. George Sand, a pseudonym of Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin, was a French novelist. It was not very common for women to taste the life as career ladies.  But George Sand, using a male pseudonym was not enough; she even dressed in male’s clothings as a sign of her rebellions. She ignored boundaries. She wanted equality. She rebelled for women’s rights in her own peculiar way.

The above are just a few examples of what I would term as 'silent rebels'. I am sure there are many other silent rebels out there who have contributed greatly in the artistic domain. You’ll just have to find them to understand their thoughts and feelings through their works.

And before this post comes to an end, I would like to suggest that instead of expressing one’s anger or frustration through vandalism, quarelling, or physical fights, we can always opt for a softer and safer medium of expression such as art. After all, there will always be things or events that may not satisfy us, and art, in a way and of course, with God’s will, can help us live on this Earth peacefully. 

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